New Women’s group starting at Eve Cherryfield!

Eve Cherryfield has an exciting new plan to start a women’s group here in the centre. The idea will be to provide a safe space for women to socialise with each other, as well as creating a relaxing and inviting atmosphere. The room is currently being set up for the women of the group to…

Goodbye To Erika ! She is moving to work in St John Of Gods :)

Erika did not get to say goodbye to all the participants in person. But she is so thankful for her experience here in Cherryfield. She said she learned so much and working with the participants has completely changed her outlook on life. ”I cannot thank the participants enough for making me feel so welcome and…

CIVIC Theatre

In Tallaght ! With Winter around the corner why not start thinking of some Community Activities you can do close to you or nearby where you live,…We visited The CivicTheatre and it is in full sing with a list of shows,…reading evening from writers etc,… There is also a Beautiful Coffee Shop to warm yourself…

Sequin Beading Project

One of our participants, set an individual goal to create a mixed media collage of a Angel as their own self led project. Each Tuesday during Art in The Park,…they have been working away on this beautiful piece. If you have any individual projects you would like to set yourself please contact your keyworker to…

Mindful Colouring ‘Colour your Dreams’- on Mondays !

Every Monday in Eve in Cherryfield the participants join us in Pods for the Colour your dreams class, Cherryfield. We have invested in a beautiful set of Mindful Colouring pens for this class and it has really caught on ,…with some service users investing in their own Mindful Colouring pens for their worksheets at home,…….

Men’s Shed Group

Tony is leading the Mens Shed Group here in Eve Cherryfield and a few weeks ago they decided to take a well deserved break from all their hard work and go to,……Howth. The Lads had good weather that day. We took advantage of the great weather we had this Summer and did a lot of…

Art in The Park !

Our outdoors Art group that started as soon as the first restricts lifted in 2020 has been run outdoors ,…! This has become such a success that it is one of the most popular groups in Cherryfield ! Various project are run in the group every Tuesday morning,..from Mindful Colouring, Customizing Furniture, Design your own…

Rua Red

This morning Monday the 27th of September the Colour your Dreams class from Cherryfield that meets every Monday morning,…. Visited Rua Red and had a coffee outdoors,…. Safely Socially Distanced. It was a Beautiful,….Sunny morning and it was a great way to start the week,…discussing Art Projects and the possibility of attending,…Sessions in Rua Red!


Beautiful Finished Canvas, ready to be displayed at home in one of our participants room’s. It is lovely to see the finished products and how Art can lift you.

Art in The Park

During our outdoor’s Art Classes we have a range of activities that are led by the participants ! Check it out some images of our Furniture Customizing project.